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So, get your Cyber Essentials certification from us.


ACE stands for Accreditation in Cyber Essentials. That’s us – just ace. And what’s more, from just £49 per month, you can get your very own Cyber Essentials certification too, from

Just Cyber Security – complete with a free, monthly vulnerability scan, for a limited time only.


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Don’t let this happen to you. We offer affordable security packages, tailored to businesses like yours.

Read on to find out how Just Cyber Security can secure your business. Being ACE is something that as IT professionals, we felt we just had to be.

That’s why we’ve completed our own Cyber Essentials certification. Essentially, it’s an assessment of your own organisation’s network security, potentially revealing to you, how vulnerable you are to cyber-attacks.

We’re strong advocates of other businesses completing it too. It’ll reduce your risk of cyber-attacks, and show your own customers, that you’re committed to maintaining the very highest security best practice, right across your organisation.

We can help you, no matter how big or small you are – to protect your own network, from the cyber nasties that solely exist to damage and disrupt your company.



The security barriers

In order to secure your organisation from cyber threats, you’ve got to be on top of your IT security – in other words, you’ve got to be ace.

You may have barriers that are stopping you pursuing and securing your Cyber Essentials certification.

If you’re a smaller organisation, you might not have the time, or the technical resources – to complete the Cyber Essentials certification process. It involves a questionnaire, that on the surface, looks fairly simple – but the time required to complete it correctly, is actually quite significant – requiring someone who has technical knowledge and skills.

If you’re a bigger business, you may have different types of resourcing issues. Your own IT teams, might be tied up delivering important business projects, or supporting your day-to-day infrastructure needs. Or, you might not even have dedicated security capabilities in-house.

We get it. These are real barriers to improving your network security.

But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

We can help you...

Make it a team game

To make it a team game

Good IT security is a team game, requiring a team effort. It’s everybody’s problem, it’s everybody’s opportunity. It’s not just for the techie teams to worry about.

IT security compliance, needs to be embedded in all areas of your business, and you need active engagement at all levels – from the boardroom, to the shop floor.

Look at your systems

To look at your systems

By starting with a Cyber Essentials assessment, you can identify systems that need attention. Armed with that information, we’ll perform a gap analysis, showing you where your systems fail to meet IT security compliance standards, but most importantly, how to drive corrective action.

Tailored to your business

To tailor processes and procedures to your business

Making sure IT security is at the top of your agenda, demands a shift in mindset – right across your organisation. But going through the Cyber Essentials certification process, gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of IT security, and more importantly, create sustainable changes as a result.

By having our ACE Practitioners by your side, we can help you put the right processes and procedures in place, to defend your business from security breaches.

Talk to us

Our ACE Practitioners would love to hear from you – and are ready to help you achieve security compliance, bolster your IT security - or just generally offer you some solid, technical advice. Just call us on 01204 707146 or drop us a line at cyber@justtechgroup.com