Accredited Cyber Essentials Practitioners


So, get your Cyber Essentials certification from us.


ACE stands for Accreditation in Cyber Essentials. That’s us – just ace. And what’s more, from just £49 per month, you can get your very own Cyber Essentials certification too, from

Just Cyber Security – complete with a free, monthly vulnerability scan, for a limited time only.


Example Just Cyber Security Report


Don’t let this happen to you. We offer affordable security packages, tailored to businesses like yours.

Read on to find out how Just Cyber Security can secure your business. Being ACE is something that as IT professionals, we felt we just had to be.

That’s why we’ve completed our own Cyber Essentials certification. Essentially, it’s an assessment of your own organisation’s network security, potentially revealing to you, how vulnerable you are to cyber-attacks.

We’re strong advocates of other businesses completing it too. It’ll reduce your risk of cyber-attacks, and show your own customers, that you’re committed to maintaining the very highest security best practice, right across your organisation.

We can help you, no matter how big or small you are – to protect your own network, from the cyber nasties that solely exist to damage and disrupt your company.