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Human Error Causes 90% of UK Data Breaches


Though state of the art firewalls and antivirus software are essential, their protection only goes so far. Hackers are increasingly leaning on your company’s largest attack surface – your staff themselves. Regardless of a person’s department or seniority, criminals can (and will) use psychological “social engineering” tricks to extort valuable information, system access, or even cash.


According to an analysis of 2019 ICO data, 9 out of 10 data breaches nationwide were attributed to human error, with phishing attacks deemed the most prevalent. And a DCMS study shows that almost a third of UK businesses suffered a cyber security breach during the same year, again citing social engineering as a particular concern.


Your personnel are your last, potentially strongest, line of cyber-defence. So, give them the tools to keep your organisation (and themselves) safe online: cyber security training.


Just Cyber Security provide practical cyber resilience training workshops to companies of all sizes across mainland UK. These short but impactful sessions are designed to be accessible and instantly applicable regardless of each user’s IT knowhow – helping everyone to stay safe when presented with common cyber threats.


What Do Our Cyber Security Workshops Cover?


After attending one of our informal workshops, your team will have the confidence to identify cyber risks and keep your organisation protected online. Good cyber security is a group effort; so following our training, your team will be better able to fend off digital threats as a cohesive whole.


We’ll discuss:


  • Phishing – Phishing attacks represent an alarming amount of UK cybercrime – you’ll learn how to spot suspicious emails before it’s too late.
  • Safe Browsing – Even browsing the web can be fraught with risk. We cover how to identify secure web connections and fake websites.
  • Cyber Reconnaissance – Hackers often scour public records and social media for valuable intel – you’ll find out how to stay data-smart.
  • Password Security – A strong password can be the last barrier between a hacker and your data. You’ll learn how to set memorable, secure passwords.
  • External Devices – User-owned devices and “shadow” hardware can present security risks, so we’ll show you how to keep everyone protected.
  • Wi-Fi Security – Wi-Fi is incredibly convenient, but equally convenient for cybercriminals. We’ll share how to stay secure over the airwaves.
  • Live Hacking Demo – Our favourite part! This practical demonstration shows how easy it can be to infiltrate a PC just like yours.


“I was initially sceptical of what benefit I would get from undergoing the Cyber Awareness training but it quickly became apparent to me that every single person in the organisation needs to understand fully the day-to-day risks and how to avoid compromising the company’s e-security.”

John R


Meet Our Head Trainer – Andrew Starr

Andy is an authority on all things cyber security; he’s a CEH certified ethical hacker and an experienced cyber resilience trainer. He has a down to earth, personable training style which makes our workshops both enjoyable and enlightening. From IT novices to technological experts, we’re confident that everyone on your team will walk away with practical cyber security knowledge that can be put to use straight away.


What to Expect from Our Cyber Security Training Sessions

Our trainers break down complex cyber security topics in a jargon-free way, keeping sessions accessible and engaging for all levels of technical expertise.


Our workshops are short but value packed – only lasting an hour and a half  per individual sitting. We limit our workshops to 10-15 people at a time to ensure that everyone leaves the room with something personally actionable.


“Excellent Cyber Awareness training provided by Just Cyber Security. A very thorough session – clearly presented, pitched at the right level for all users, with clear and easy to understand suggestions of how to be more secure both at work, and at home.”

Claire H



Cybercriminals make it their job to find ways around IT security measures. Rather than using hacks and malware to infiltrate a network, criminals are increasingly leaning on network users to unwittingly provide the information they seek. This is why convincing phishing attacks and social engineering tactics are so rife.


Without a cyber-aware workforce, you leave yourselves vulnerable to data breaches, network insecurity, reputational damage, regulatory fines, and IP theft.


But when you arm your workforce with the right knowledge, they can become your strongest line of defence against potential hacks, data breaches, and malware.


The training was useful on both a commercial and personal basis. What I thought might be a boring subject was in fact very interesting, sometimes a little startling! Even our more IT savvy employees took away something beneficial from this short training session with Andy.”

Michael R


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