DNS Filtering


DNS Filtering protecting your business the smart way.



One of the key ways to stop a malware attack is to control DNS and use technology with Artificial Intelligence built in to help secure your network. 

Why DNS Filtering?

Small and medium sized business are faced with constant security challenges and where to spend sometimes very limited budgets.

Whilst attacks are increasing and even the smallest business is at risk, we have to understand that uncertainty and tough trading conditions are squeezing budgets.


What is DNS Filtering?

For pennies per day, a business can have a powerful web filter along with phishing and malware protection with reporting of what websites your employees are visiting. A major feature that helps defeat the ‘bad guys’, is the ability to block newly registered domains from being visited.

This is invaluable in protecting your organisation as the majority of threats that use links that your employees may click on, and infect your network, are sat on these newly created domains.

Protect your users and networks against command and control (botnet) attacks, malware, phishing, viruses, and other threats simply by applying our security policies. Our DNS Filtering service is using security threat analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This allows us to keep our security threat data updated and pushed down to your networks in real time, so you’re always protected from zero-day attacks and new vulnerabilities.

The solution offers an intelligent, global anycast network with over two dozen points of presence across the globe. This allows automatic scaling, healing, and routing of your requests to the most responsive location, guaranteeing 100% uptime.

At the heart of our system is a routing methodology called “Anycast BGP”. When your device sends a request to our DNS protect solution, our nearest data centre answers first. In the unlikely event a server is offline, the next server immediately picks up the slack. This way since 2015, our network has never gone down. We can make the bold claim of 100% uptime because we’ve obsessively built fault tolerance into the design.


On the road ?

If your users require roaming, off-network protection that follows them all over the globe, the DNS Filtering offers an extremely lightweight client that you can install on your user’s devices. Our easy to use client is able to be installed either manually or via MDM and does not require a VPN connection. Once installed, it allows for security and filtering policies to be enforced no matter what network you’re connected to.

Whether at an office, hotel or on the road, the client allows granular policy enforcement and reporting down to the device level.

Our DNS Filtering makes it easy to deploy comprehensive and customizable URL and internet content filtering policies in mere minutes.

Artificial Intelligence at its heart

Many solutions provide periodic updates, often this is simply not good enough and will not keep you secure. More threats emerge daily than humans can ever classify. This is where our Artificial Intelligence can fill comes in and classifies domains according to content and security in realtime. This operation is performed behind the scenes, when clients visit a new website.


Real-time Interstitial Filter

When users on our platform access a domain which has never been seen, the AI engine performs a real- tim

e classification. The domain is fetched, categorised, and then matched against the policy set by the organisation to determine if the user is allowed access. It’s like browsing the internet with your own ninja, who looks down every dark alley ahead of you keeping you safe .


Feed Augmentation

The engine incorporates peering sources from multiple security feeds, ensuring Botnet, Crypto-mining, and Malware threats are mitigated. Partnerships with organisations such as New Scotland Yard and the Internet Watch Foundation ensure that we cast a wide net for Terrorism & Abuse websites.


Image Analysis

The scanner defeats phishing websites by examining the logo content of a site and comparing it to authorised domains for that brand. It is able to detect login panels for Microsoft, Google, Dropbox etc being used on illegitimate websites. The domain is then flagged as a security risk and our server fleet is updated within only one second.


Continuous Crawl

The scanner performs an open crawl of internet domains, including newly-registered domains. These domains are instantly classified, ensuring that customer policies are matched with the latest information.


New Domain Greylisting

Domains registered in the last 30 days can be blocked, in order to gain proving time. Research shows that many Phishing attacks are launched and ended within this window. This helps cuts down phishing attacks massively.

Simply tell us what categories of websites you want to block – Adult Content, Illegal Content, Streaming Media, Chat & Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc. – and we’ll do the rest. The algorithms intelligently categorise sites so you don’t have to constantly maintain a list of domains.

You can enforce Google SafeSearch, YouTube restricted modes, and filtering avoidance domains so nothing slips through the cracks.