Phish Aware Phishing Training & Simulation

Phish Aware Phishing Training: Who’s Taking the Bait?

Test your team’s current cyber-vigilance and reinforce good cyber security habits with Phish Aware.


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You’re Only Ever One Click Away from a Cyber Attack.

80% of businesses who suffered a cyber security incident in 2019 identified phishing attacks as a likely cause.


Great cyber security is a team effort – one that spans your entire organisation. From HR to IT, from entry-level positions to directors, every network user forms your company’s first line of defence against cybercrime.


Phishing emails directly and aggressively pursue this very vulnerable front line. It only takes one click on a single email to potentially compromise your entire IT infrastructure.


A particularly convincing phony email can harvest login credentials, leak sensitive data, expose financial information, install malware, and generally cause widespread chaos across your whole network.


Cyber security training is essential, but any training is easily forgotten over time. In order to form enduring cyber security habits, your team need ongoing reinforcement.


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Enter Phish Aware: Targeted, Persistent Phishing Training

Rather than relying on disparate training efforts, Phish Aware lets you send out simulated and totally safe phishing emails to users on your network. The software provides over 500 email campaign templates to choose from, all inspired by real threats and referring to real brands.

You can then monitor user response to each campaign – identifying how many users reported the email as a potential threat, how many ignored it, and most importantly how many took the bait. When users fail a Phish Aware test, they are sent a related online training video to help improve their awareness.

There are a vast range of videos to link with each campaign, spanning more than 30 IT security training modules. Through Phish Aware‘s at a glance dashboard, your IT administrators can also see when these materials have been viewed.


Armed with Phish Aware’s thorough testing capabilities, enjoyable training modules, and in-depth user analytics, you can reap the benefits of a lasting cyber vigilant workplace culture.


Phish Aware can be used as a standalone phishing training solution or to continually embed learning from other cyber awareness training efforts.

Cyber Attacks: How Prepared Are Your Team?

Without the right tools, it’s hard to answer basic cyber security questions like “what are the chances that we’ll become a victim of phishing?” and “which kinds of scam emails catch us out the most?”.

Phish Aware will help you establish a baseline of user susceptibility. The tool’s data-driven approach to reporting allows you to assess granular responses to each campaign, and track individual user progress. Cumulatively, these results offer real insight into your company’s levels of phishing preparedness.

This data can even help you streamline your security training expenditure, focusing future training efforts only on team members who continually engage in risky behaviour.

Phish Aware is more than just a training tool. It empowers every member of staff to keep your company, themselves, and others safe online. Phish Aware boosts your users’ cyber security knowledge, aims to keep all users on high alert for phishing scams, and helps you all work towards a more cyber security conscious workplace culture.


Lean, Targeted Cyber Training: The Benefits of Phish Aware

● Choose from a diverse range of over 500 campaign templates, each with differing complexity and believability.
● Monitor day-to-day behaviour and gain realistic insight into your threat levels.
● Link your campaigns with a wide selection of video training modules covering various aspects of cyber security and data compliance.
● Emulate widespread phishing emails as well as more targeted spear phishing and whaling attacks.
● Track your organisation’s phishing training and progress at a glance.
● Identify users and groups with the riskiest behaviour patterns around phishing attacks, allowing for focused training spend.
● Create a formidable, company-wide culture of proactive IT security.
● No cumbersome software to install – Phish Aware operates conveniently through a web browser.
● Provides real-time, on-the-spot training at an affordable per-user, per-month cost.

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