LimaCharlie cyber security

Managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) powered by LimaCharlie

LimaCharlie is an EDR solution that provides a complete bird’s-eye view of your endpoints, collecting usage data from all endpoints and providing a near-instant, automated response to threats in line with your own policies

What’s more, Just Cyber Security provides LimaCharlie as a totally managed-for-you EDR service. You’ll get all of the benefits of LimaCharlie’s industry-leading protection and visibility, while our skilled engineers ensure your systems are monitored 24/7.

  • root-out-compromise

    Roots out hidden indicators of compromise

    across all of your endpoint devices

  • automated-response-to-threats

    Near-instant, automated response to threats

    in line with your own policies

  • managed-edr-service

    A totally managed-for-you EDR service

    provided by Just Cyber Security

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LimaCharlie benefits

  • limacharlie-benefits-unparalled-visibility

    Unparalleled visibility

    LimaCharlie’s sensor software is available for most modern endpoints, including Windows, MacOS, all major Linux DE’s/distros, Google Cloud, AWS, and more.

  • limacharlie-benefits-real-time-automated-response

    Real-time, automated response

    Highly flexible policy management and automation supports wire-speed response to otherwise invisible threat indicators, regardless of complexity.

  • limacharlie-benefits-rich-digital-forensics

    Rich digital forensics

    LimaCharlie maintains in-depth, up-to-the-minute endpoint usage logs for up to 12 months, allowing for detailed forensic analysis and incident response.

  • limacharlie-benefits-historical-threat-hunting

    Historical threat hunting

    Retroactively hunt for newly discovered vulnerabilities by exploring the last year’s usage and traffic data for past signs of infection or compromise.

  • limacharlie-benefits-single-pane-telemetry

    Single pane of glass telemetry

    Import real-time telemetry statistics from other security sources to create a central endpoint security dashboard; or export to the likes of Google Cloud, Slack, and email.

  • limacharlie-benefits-software-defined-networking

    Powerful software-defined networking

    Implement strict zero-trust, identity-defined networking across your whole infrastructure, so your team can work from wherever without scrimping on security.

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Just Cyber Security Lima Charlie

What is LimaCharlie?

LimaCharlie is an industry-leading EDR tool that provides constant, unparalleled visibility into desktop, server, and cloud endpoints. Not only does it monitor in-depth behavioural and technical aspects that file-focused antivirus tools miss, but it also retains network-wide endpoint telemetry data for a whole year.

LimaCharlie can also import logs from other security services in real time and feed them through its powerful detection and analysis engine, powered by cutting-edge threat-hunting resources from the digital security community.

Just Cyber Security Lima Charlie

Why do I need LimaCharlie?

As the online threat landscape gets increasingly more complex, old-school antivirus controls are no longer enough to keep your end-user devices safe on their own. Modern threats like ransomware, fileless malware, and persistent threats can easily sidestep some antimalware tools.

Evasive threats need proactive defences. Instead of AV tools that simply swat away known or sandboxed threats, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) technology actively roots out hidden indicators of compromise across all of your endpoint devices, diving into each machine’s alerts, files, registry entries, behaviour, and event logs to quash any threat before it becomes a larger headache.

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