Continuous Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Proactively unearth your network, server, and website vulnerabilities - before the hackers beat you to it

Just one cyber slip-up can spell disaster for any organisation. Yet as your average organisation’s tech stack grows and becomes increasingly complex, it can be hard to find – and address – issues like compromised hardware, overdue updates, misconfigured tools, and exposed data.

Enter Just Cyber Security’s vulnerability scanning platform . It scans all of your network’s perimeter (entry points) for weaknesses to help you proactively secure your entire digital infrastructure.

Using the same cutting-edge security technology as trusted by government bodies and industry leading enterprises, this platform scans your entire infrastructural attack surface; both on a schedule and whenever a new vulnerability is discovered out in the wild.

And what’s more, it automatically prioritises the errors it finds, and presents them in a simple, easy to understand dashboard where you can easily monitor your threat level at a glance.

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Network Vulnerability Scanning: Key Features

  • Threat Protection with DNS

    Avoid cyber attacks, data breaches, and reputational damage

    Discover and address your infrastructural weak spots before the bad guys find them, saving you from potentially devastating attacks and leaks.

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Gain crucial visibility on any points of network ingress

    Simply select the IP addresses you want the platform to monitor, and away you go! Continuously scan servers, firewalls, websites, cloud repositories, user devices… you name it!

  • Benefits of Rich Digital Forensics with Lima Charlie

    Automatically flag issues that leave you at risk

    Identify technical problems of all kinds that leave you open to attack, exposed data, network changes, misconfiguration errors, weak admin passwords, infected endpoints, exposed data, overdue updates, and MANY more.

  • Investigating Cyber Incidents

    Proactive scanning whenever new vulnerabilities arise

    On top of scheduled vulnerability scans, the platform also automatically scans whenever a new vulnerability, update, or attack is discovered by the security community.

  • Access Control with Cyber Essentials

    Straightforward, prioritised remediation advice

    Secure your attack surface simply and easily with plain English vulnerability alerts, automatically prioritised action points, and a cleanly designed dashboard; taking the guesswork out of achieving a robust network security posture.

  • Gathering Evidence from Cyber Incidents

    Achieve truly effortless compliance and audits

    Breeze through compliance audits like ISO 27001/27002, SOC 2, and Cyber Essentials with documented vulnerability reporting and automated management updates.

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What is a persistent threat? How cybercriminals hide in plain sight

Why Invest in Ongoing Vulnerability Scanning?

Hackers are sneaky. If you leave a gap in your defences, they can find it. Yet as networks and tech stacks like yours change and grow over time, vulnerabilities and security loopholes tend to creep in.

Additionally, cyber criminals know that small to medium businesses can often be underprepared, soft targets without proper protections in place. And if criminals are increasingly using automated scans and tools to make their work easier, you should too!

Ongoing vulnerability scanning provides full visibility across your entire attack surface, and in many ways amounts to continuous penetration testing.

All in all, tools like ours help you to secure your evolving tech stack in real time, staying one step ahead of the bad guys.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning & Management

How Our Vulnerability Scanning Works

Our tool, Intruder, can continually scan devices of all kinds, but is most ideal for data servers, web application servers, websites, firewalls, cloud repositories. Simply add the IP addresses of the devices you want to monitor, and away you go!

Using the same technology as enterprises and governments the world over, Intruder will scan your selected internal and external resources and provide visibility across risk factors of all kinds, including network issues, bugs, required updates, misconfigurations, and exposed ports.

The Intruder dashboard is where the magic happens – it will prioritise your most critical issues and present them in plain language so remediation is a breeze. It also tracks remediation progress, so you can keep an eye on how quickly solutions are implemented.

All in all, Intruder helps you to respond now to vulnerabilities and security holes, not later; improving your security posture, providing simplicity to regulatory compliance, and keeping your resources secure.

What it Focuses on?

  • Cloud computing

    Cloud Vulnerability Scanner

    Cloud Scanning tracks traditional edge networks, web applications, and internal environments. Cloud scanning also keeps track of Automatic IP and DNS tracking, along with IP addresses and hostnames.

  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning & Management

    Internal & External Scanner

    External scans check for web layer problems, infrastructure and misconfigurations. Internal scans are from trusted devices, searching for mistakes, configuration issues, patches and encryption weaknesses.

  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning & Management

    Web Application Scanner

    Web application scanner checks for access to public and private clouds, servers and end point devices. Performing authenticated checks, infrastructure checks, web app scans.

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