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Make your team your strongest line of cyber-defence whilst shining a spotlight on invisible cyber-risk.

In the age of social engineering, your most sensitive attack surface isn’t your PCs, your emails, or even your servers. It’s your team.

Even organisations with industry-leading security measures can fall afoul of social engineering attacks because humans are fallible. They can have gaps in their knowledge, they can fall into insecure habits, and can be easily lured into a cybercriminal’s trap.

Yet quantifying a team’s cyber-awareness – both individually and collectively – can be tricky. But with our human risk management (HRM) platform, you can know for sure.

Our HRM tool is an automated, all-in-one training, risk monitoring, and policy management system. Through practical, regular cyber-awareness testing, you can uncover each team member’s true level of cyber-knowledge and automatically feed them tailored training resources to bring them up to speed.

You also get access to proactive dark web breach monitoring which flags when your sensitive information is found in data breaches, so you can take remedial action. Our tool also helps you manage internal policy consents, team-wide.

Your people are your strength. Yet not knowing their level of cyber-awareness can become a worrying weakness. By arming yourself with visibility, and arming them with knowledge, you empower your team to become your strongest digital defenders

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Human Risk Management: Key Features

  • increased-productivity

    Gain granular insight into your team’s cyber-awareness

    Regular, automated cyber-testing provides an individual risk profile for each team member, letting you flag training opportunities and high-risk individuals.

  • icon-cyber-reconnaissance

    Provide regular, personalised training to build cyber-positive behaviours

    Informed by their individual risk profiles, each team member receives relevant, engaging training materials to build more secure habits.

  • icon-phising

    Test your team’s response to phishing emails with phishing simulations

    Create and send safe phishing simulation emails to test your team’s response. This includes a vast template library based on UK and international brands.

  • stay-vigilant

    Monitor the dark web for breached credentials and data

    Our solution continuously scours the dark web for breaches so you can respond if any of your email addresses, passwords, or sensitive data is present.

  • cyber-incident-recovery

    Maintain a clear audit trail for internal policies and documents

    Automatically disseminate internal policies, provide reminders, and record digital signatures – taking the manual work out of achieving company-wide informed consent.

  • icon-patch-management

    Take the sting out of auditing and risk management

    Quickly and easily demonstrate your team’s level of cyber compliance and competence through a single dashboard.

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Why Invest in a Human Risk Management Platform?

Your team may be your softest attack surface, but with the right knowledge and encouragement, they can become a true cyber security asset.

Security awareness training is great, but it can’t address individual knowledge gaps, nor can it provide you with granular insight into your team’s true level of cyber knowledge. usecure, our HRM tool, tests and tracks your team, automatically feeding them relevant and engaging online training to build their overall cyber-awareness.

Responses to simulated phishing emails also add (or detract) from an individual’s score , so you can get an honest insight into their actions when they don’t think they’re being tested!

And what’s more, you can run your own non-cyber training through the platform too, benefiting from the same at-a-glance dashboards to monitor learning and progress.

Pair all of this with the platform’s powerful credential breach scanning and policy document management, and you have a tool that holistically takes the variables out of cyber risk evaluation, cyber training, data breach monitoring, policy management, and cyber auditing.


How Our Human Cyber Risk Management Platform Works

Know each employee’s level of cyber risk in real time, for less than you likely spend on their tea and coffee! For less than £1.50 per user per month, you can train each user up around their individual cyber weak points, monitor the dark web for their sensitive credentials, and manage policy consents through a simple web dashboard.

Onboarding is a breeze. Start reaping the benefits of human risk visibility straight away with lightning-fast deployment, seamless integrations, and a totally cloud-based interface for both administrators and employees.

So, start taking the guesswork out of your cyber awareness programmes today, with usecure.

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