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We help businesses to get a good night’s sleep. How? By working with them, to make sure they’re as protected as they can be, in the likely event of a cyber-attack. In fact, any disaster, including fires and floods. 

Our disaster Recovery Planning service will assess your business, identify the risks, then recommend and implement the corrective actions needed to secure your data and technology. 

Our Penetration Testing service will probe your existing infrastructure to see where the vulnerable spots are. It’s an illuminating exercise which will reveal to you what potential hackers, viruses, worms and trojans can see- and what power that gives them as a result. 

Essentially, our business customers describe it as being like a health check- to assist with regulatory compliance such as GDPR or PCI DSS, or perhaps to test out the impact of new applications they’re recently started to use. The result is better picture on how exposed they really are, and what can be done about it.

Securing your business , whatever the technology.


A cyber-attack is where someone or something deliberately and illegally accesses, changes, damages or destroys a computer system, and too often, the information on it. 
We work with our clients to prevent successful cyber-attack and provide support to businesses during and after a cyber attack.

We help businesses like yours- right across the country- secure their systems, networks and information against the threat of cyber-attacks. 

We’re proud to be apart of Just Technology Group, offering support, security and solutions to businesses, from a team of experts. 

43% of businesses have reported experiencing cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months

DNS Filtering

DNS Filter quickly and effectively blocks access to known sources of malware and phishing destinations, whilst unearthing new “zero-day” threats using artificial intelligence.

Cyber Security Awareness

Reduce your cyber-risk and build company-wide IT security awareness. Test your team’s current cyber-vigilance and reinforce good cyber security habits with Cyber Training.


The latest Cyber security blog posts and news here for the best advice, guides and implementation techniques to protect your business to the best of your ability.

You're In Safe Hands

Just Cyber Security is proud to be part of The Just Technology Group of companies- Offering support, security and solutions to businesses all over the world. 

Just Technology will help you grow, nurture and secure your business. Benefit from next generation firewalls, secure remote access and managed services at Just Firewalls. Transform the way your communicate with out high speed ultra resilient solutions from Just Connectivity.