Cyber security training courses

Cyber security training courses

Your first line of defence always should be a fully cyber-aware workforce

Training means you can learn in a safe controlled environment. You can make mistakes and learn from them; understand how they can impact real scenarios without causing disasters. Especially in IT where the difference could essentially take a business offline for a few hours at best or days at worst.

You should provide training every 3-6 months; this ensures everything taught isn’t forgotten. The more exposure you get to something, you’re ten times more likely to remember it and implement it. This also gives you an opportunity to keep them up to date on the ever-changing Threat landscape in IT.

Just Cyber Security Training Phishing

Phish Aware: Phishing training & simulation

You can create simulated phishing campaigns in a controlled environment. You can then explain the results and the different versions of phishing and the range of impacts they can have.

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Just Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber security awareness

There’s a dangerous misconception that as long as you have a good firewall, reliable antivirus software, and other security accoutrements that you will be pretty much immune from cybercrime. This is incorrect. Though these solutions are downright essential for organisations of any size, hackers still have a shortcut into your network: your users themselves.

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Live hacking demonstration

This live hacking demo is our favourite part. Our Trainer Andy is a CEH certified ethical hacker. Meaning back in the day, he used to do this for a living. He will show you all the ways your systems can be hacked, what the easiest routes they take and what they are looking for.

  • Cyber Security Training Recon

    Cyber recon

    Criminals will actively seek out information about digital assets belonging to their target(s) in order to discover their weaknesses and plan an effective cyberattack against them.

    What is Cyber Recon?
  • Cyber Security Training Internal

    Insider threats

    Cyber threats from inside your organisation are possible too malicious link, letting a vulnerability into your network or even someone purposely wanting to do your organisation harm.

    What are insider threats?
  • Cyber Security Training Threat

    Persistent threats

    Persistence is where a cybercriminal establishes a hidden, long-term, backdoor connection into a system or network that they’ve compromised.

    What is a persistent threat?
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