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A feature-rich unified threat management system – much more than just a firewall

Our products allow you to secure every endpoint of your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices. What’s more, securing these devices is made possible through products that fit your precise needs.

  • Sophos Endpoint

    Sophos Endpoint

    Intercept X

  • Sophos Firewall

    Sophos Firewall

    Next generation firewalls

  • Managed Threat Response with Sophos

    Sophos MTR

    Managed threat and response

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Sophos Central Sophos central

A one stop shop for all your needs. It’s a unified management console where we can add the different products you require. Providing information sharing between products so they work in harmony with each other along with automate incident responses. This means threats are caught quickly and efficiently as they aren’t waiting for people to notice issues.

  • Sophos Switch

    Sophos Switch

    Ethernet access for wired and wireless devices, which puts your LAN connectivity under your control.

  • Sophos Mobile

    Sophos Mobile

    Offers privacy of secured business data by establishing what data you want to see or protect, keeping your users data separate.

  • Sophos Email

    Sophos Email

    Sophos Email automatically scans messages and attachments; it also encrypts and authenticates messages.

  • Sophos Wireless

    Sophos Wireless

    Allows you to create networks, register access points and keep track and reduce the risk to your trusted Wi-fi networks.

  • Sophos Phish Threat

    Sophos Phish Threat

    Phishing attack simulation and training for your end users. Automated attack simulations, awareness training and reporting metrics.

  • Sophos Encryption

    Sophos Encryption

    Disk encryption that leverages Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault to secure devices and data.

  • Zero Trust with Sophos

    Sophos Zero Threat

    Controlled access to apps based on identities that are constantly validated and verified.

  • Workload Protection with Sophos

    Sophos Workload Protection

    Providing visibility into your host and container workloads, with the ability to identify malware, exploits and dubious behaviour.

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Seamlessly integrate with any system

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Sophos Products

  • Sophos Endpoint

    Intercept X

    Offers endpoint protection with artificial intelligence. This combines deep learning malware detection that relies on known and unknown malware without signatures. It also offers exploit prevention, anti-ransomware which prevent both file-based and master boot record ransomware. Endpoint detection and response allows you to remotely access the device in order to;

    • Detect
    • Investigate
    • Remediate

    You can also manage the laptop by installing or uninstalling software, preform health checks like; rebooting, running scripts, editing configuration files, terminate active processes, run forensic tools and monitor any issues.

  • Sophos Firewall


    Firewalls are used to secure every endpoint of your network from laptops to desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices. Securing these products are vital and using products that fit your needs is made possible by synchronised security. You can choose which features you need and link them all to Sophos Central.

    • Visibility
    • Protection
    • Performance

    With Sophos firewalls you get all the features, versatility, and options to best suit your needs. This covers, Enterprise, Remote workers, Cloud and small to medium businesses. If your business scales up, so can your firewall.

  • Managed Threat Response with Sophos

    Managed Threat Response

    MTR offers 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response. This is an elite team of threat hunters who take targeted action on your behalf to negate even the most advanced threats. This provides you the peace of mind knowing that if a threat isn’t caught by your network – it will be caught by these guys.

    • Notify, alert you to any issues and provide details and a response
    • Collaborate, work with you to respond to the detection
    • Authorise, they’ll handle containment and neutralization and provide reports

    You have complete control over the actions taken to remediate threats. This involves how and when potential incidents are escalated, what possible responses are communication regarding the issue. Weekly or Monthly reports are also available so you can see how often MTR is keep your network safe.

Sophos Next Gen Technologies

Next-gen technologies

  • AI-powered predictive prevention
  • Enterprise-level detection
  • Automated incident response
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Sophos Deep Data Analytics

Deep data analytics

  • Synchronized cross-product telemetry
  • SophosLabs Intelix threat intelligence
  • Cross-product investigations
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