Huntress cyber security

Declare war on cybercriminals with human-driven managed detection and response

Huntress is an MDR platform that actively pursues even the most stubborn and embedded persistent threats, and puts some of the sharpest technical minds in your security driving seat.

  • Data Monitoring with Huntress

    Data monitoring

    Huntress cloud automatically analyses data to root out potential hidden threats and persistence mechanisms that are hiding in the shadows.

  • Active Investigations with Huntress

    Active investigations

    A human ThreatOps team actively investigates any new potential threats uncovered by the software, exploring each vulnerability in detail.

  • Custom Reports with Huntress

    Custom reports

    Custom incident reports are created and sent to the customer for every vulnerability found, providing information about the threat and simple removal steps.

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Huntress Software

Managed detection and response

Rather than being a preventative measure, MDR gives you a plan of action to detect and remove threats like these after they’ve already taken hold.

MDR isn’t just another automated tool – human security engineers are tasked with one-to-one threat analysis and remediation. With this added human touch, MDR becomes much more than just another cyber security solution.

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Huntress Software

How Huntress works

Every malicious find is investigated by a real-life security expert who provides a custom incident report and a fully tailored threat removal guide. You can also monitor your organisation’s incidents and investigations through Huntress’s easy to use cloud dashboard.

The super light-touch software agent often commands less than 1% of processing power, and it’s available for less than 10p per day, per device.


MDR for Microsoft 365

In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats loom large, Huntress Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Microsoft 365 stands as your shield against malicious actors in the cloud. With Huntress, you don’t just detect threats; you kick hackers out of your cloud, ensuring your business stays secure 24/7.

Features and Threats Detected:

  • Suspicious Login Identification
  • Suspicious Mail Forwarding Configuration
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Account Isolation
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center (Soc)
  • Assisted Rule Removal
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  • Detect Threats Faster

    Huntress leverages common behaviour baselines to swiftly detect active threat actors, intercepting their early entry and persistence activities before they wreak havoc.

  • Respond And Remediate Quicker

    Huntresses dedicated SOC team works around the clock, filtering out false positives and providing actionable remediation steps, ensuring swift response to any potential intrusion.

  • Gain Time Back

    Say goodbye to alert fatigue and false positives. With Huntress MDR for Microsoft 365, your technicians can refocus their efforts on critical tasks, knowing that their cloud environment is fortified against cyber threats.

  • 24/7 Peace Of Mind

    With Huntress, enjoy the benefits of 24/7 Managed Detection and Response without the need to hire additional staff, ensuring your cloud operations run smoothly even during off-hours and holidays.

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Further Huntress information

  • Just Cyber Huntress Threat Hunting

    Active threat hunting

    To protect our clients from ever evolving threats, we offer a managed detection and response (MDR) solution as part of our security service.

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  • Just Cyber Huntress Protection

    Hunt or be hunted

    Small businesses can no longer fly under the radar of cybercriminals. In fact you’re being directly targeted because you’re less protected and more vulnerable.

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  • Just Cyber Huntress Security

    Enhance your security

    In the fight against cybercriminals anti-virus tools are no longer enough. As hackers develop new methods, SMB’s need to adopt a more integrated approach to security.

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